FileServer Virtual Appliance

FileServer Manthys Virtual ApplianceMVA FileServer is a Virtual Appliance configured to share files and folders in a network with Windows and Linux PCs.
MVA FileServer configuration rely on Samba and eXtplorer, which allow to browse files and folders both through file system explorer tools and through a common Web browser.

Technical specifications

Operating system: Ubuntu Linux Server 8.04.3
Installed software: Samba 3.028, eXtplorer 2.0.1
Allocated RAM: 256 MB
Required disk: up to 20 GB


Official Samba website
Official eXtplorer website

  • Download MVA FileServer for VMware Server, VMware Player and VMware Workstation (146 MB)
  • Download MVA FileServer in OVF format for VMware ESX Server and other platforms (166 MB)

This Virtual Appliance has been compressed in .zip format
After decompression read carefully the README.TXT document for information on first run.